I Love Money 2: Thrown Under The Bus

ilovemoney21After the last elimination, the money lovers are told there are no more teams and they’re now competing as individuals. Yet even though the teams are dead there are two alliances that are still living strong. At their first individual challenge, the race to throw each other “under the bus” begins. In the end, one alliance wins Pay Master while a member of the opposing alliance becomes the dead last loser. In one of the most enticing power outings yet, a deal is placed on the table that will test the true colors of a money lover.

I Love Money 2 is my all time favorite reality show, I’ve never seen an episode I didn’t like, including this one. But the show will be a whole lot better once Buckwild is eliminated (sorry Buckwild lovers)! I’m glad Cali went home instead of It though, he’s hilarious, and Cali had it coming even though I’m happy she betrayed the Tailor Maid alliance because I would have hated to see 20 Pack go home. At the moment I’m rooting for It, 20 Pack, & Tailor Maid, I definately want them to be in the final 3.
I give the episode 5/5



~ by movietvreviews on March 31, 2009.

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